Arrive Alive

Subcommittee on Elder Mobility & Safety (SEMS)

The mission of SEMS is to promote positive mobility for senior adults in Missouri through education, outreach, and policy initiatives.

This mission is focused, specifically, on Emphasis Area II of the Blueprint to Arrive Alive: High Risk Drivers & Occupants, Crashes Involving Older Drivers.

As a working subcommittee, SEMS both advises and acts to enhance roadway safety and general mobility options for older adults in Missouri. SEMS advises the Executive Committee of the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety on strategies involving education, emergency medical services, engineering, public policy, and collaborative initiatives.

How can I get involved?

There are a number of ways to become involved:

Full Membership. First, and foremost, you can join the SEMS as a regular at-large member. This requires a 3-year commitment and a willingness to travel to meetings.
Serve as an Alternate Member. If full membership is more than you can commit to at this time, you may also consider serving as an alternate for a current member. The alternate attends meetings in place of the regular member when he or she cannot attend.
Friend of SEMS. Finally, you can serve by being a “friend” of the Subcommittee. A friend might respond to a request for public comment or might help out as a volunteer at a SEMS sponsored event.

If you are interested in joining SEMS, send an e-mail to Jackie Rogers.