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Road Wise: Parent/Teen Safe Driving Guide

A lack of behind-the-wheel experience puts new drivers at a higher risk for traffic crashes. The more they practice under supervision, the better they will handle different situations on the road.

It is our hope that acquiring mature driving skills and judgment will be a rewarding and safe experience for both the new driver and their parents.

This parent/teen-driving guide provides suggestions for in-car lessons to help you make this step to adulthood more successful for both of you.

Make sure you fully understand the Graduated Driver License law, then:

  • Work through each lesson in order.
  • Successfully complete the checklists after each lesson.
  • Allow sufficient time for practice with a parent, guardian, grandparent or a certified driving instructor in the front seat.
  • Take the parent/teen quiz at the end of the guide.
  • Be patient, it takes many years of practice to become an experienced driver.


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